Lahori ink was founded with an idealistic spirit and a patriotic objective; to put Pakistani narratives on the global fashion map while paving the way for a new genre for street wear in fashion. Our journey started when we recalled one of our schools most popular rule (when English-medium schooling had just started escalating) “speak in English, walk in English, laugh in English and eat English too…urdu was simply not allowed, while punjabi was associated with being paindoo and everything unfashionable. We may have enjoyed joking about this back then but now realized what an unfortunate epidemic it is that our generations as well as the next ones have been deprived of enjoying our own inherent dialects.
We are slowly being cultured to adopt and take pride in being more western everyday and in the process loosing the love for our own rich and beautiful culture. That’s when the shift happened for us, admist the “French and italy inspired” lawn-suit collections we rebelled to create the complete opposite… “Pakistani streetwear”
T-shirts, statement tunics and fusion jackets that stay true to our traditions without making it look outdated so you can wear them anywhere in world, feel fashionable, proud and stay true to our roots!
Our vision is to use our creative spirits to bring meaningful products to our customers. They should know that a lot of good thinking and love goes into the making of each piece of clothing they wear from lahori ink.